Magik Markers " Some Funk for Tunc and Squeo"


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When Michael Tunk started sending us his amazingly detailed and damaged drawings on myspace a number of years ago, I have to admit my first reaction was embarrassingly conservative. "Why, I do believe this young man's on drugs, someone should lock him up before he does something against society." I don't know if I actually thought this... but.. If the childlike singsongs of the Beatles could inspire Charles Manson and John Hinkley then there's no telling what kind of deranged shit a hardcore Magik Markers fan could get into. We had just recently met a fan in Holland who'd tatooed the Markers crossbar logo on his wrist. We were totally honored. Our fans might not realize this, but contrary to how the hype has been swirled, the Magik Markers are actually sort of bookish..uh.. law abiding types... Not a tatoo to be found on any of us. I'm the only one in the band who's been entertaining the notion of finally getting that Max Ernst fish tattoo that I picked out when I was 18.

Anyway... after seeing all of Michael Tunc's frighteningly obsessive artwork. I was a little nervous about meeting him at a Spectre Folk gig in San Francisco a few years ago. And of course as these things go he ended up being one of the most charming unassuming fellows I've ever met. He made me a gift of a large stack of original artwork for which I am eternally grateful. I plan to make an exhibition of it one day if anyone ever realizes that I should be in charge of a great art exhibition. (of course I should!)

I met Squeo the other day. To me he'd always been a handle on Twitter and Tiny Mix Tapes... a voice of support for our jams (lord knows we need this day we tend to polarize the peeps). Anyway he was also a cool dude and he said to me that he always dug our cdr's more than our proper lps because you never get to hear a band working it out.. trying to figure out what they're doing right their on the spot. Everyone's always polishing the warts off their jams and making them sterilized for public consumption. He also said he had watched his old chum Michael Tunc create his obsessive drawings while listening to those very Magik Markers cdrs. Well that brought me right back. I certainly have a bankload of hazy memories of doing this type of shit with my cousin "back in the day" while listening to whatever I had just picked up at Flat , Black and Circular.

So anyway... blah, blah, blah... I've got some more hazy memories for you right here. These jams are a bit of the stuff we recorded while we were holed up for the last 4 years trying to figure out our next Drag City record... the one that ended up being called Surrender to the Fantasy. I hope you dig it. There's more where this came from!

Also... apologies to the artist for tinkering with this detail of his original art to help simulate the L.S.D. experience he surely was having when he made it.


released June 20, 2014



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Arbitrary Signs Northampton, Massachusetts

Arbitrary Signs started way back in 1995 with a cassette release by the Uniforms. It's been the home of the Magik Markers, Spectre Folk, United Waters, MV and EE, Devin, Gary, and Ross and many more.


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