Vanishing Voice "Jarvis Hall II"

by Vanishing Voice

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Vanishing Voice should be known to many as "the band" behind Wooden Wand aka James Jackson Tothe underground freak turned legit singer songwriter dude. When Tothe split New York for the south around 2003 he left V.V. behind... but they were all still freaks and they all still played their freaky music.

I had met WWVV at Clay Ruby's pasture fest in Wisconsin the previous summer. I'd spent the previous 2 years out of my mind in Kentucky playing with the Valley of Ashes and Virgin Eye Blood Bros. It was this weird moment in time where everybody was real nostalgic for the 60's of the Manson family for some reason. Real "witchy" jams abounded. Anyway when I moved up to Brooklyn at this time, Jarvis Tavenierre (of Woods fame), Heidi Diehl, and G. Lucas Crane were my first new Brooklyn buds.

We jammed a lot at various peoples houses. I think we even made some improvised movies... I think that was maybe gonna be our thing.. acting our something... We recorded a couple of things that made it onto lp. One on the Gypsy Sphynx label.. that was pretty excellent called Nordic Visions, and the other for the Important label. My favorite stuff though was the more loose jams that we did in peoples living rooms..

This collection is stuff that we recorded at Jarvis' house which later went on to become known as "Rear House", where a lot of legitimate Brooklyn bands recorded (Meneguar, Woods, Vivian Girls... not sure who else.. have to ask Jarvis)... At this time I don't think it was properly set up as a recording studio yet... it was really more of a living room. At the time I jokingly chided Jarvis about the men's boarding house/dorm hall vibe of the rear house.. all of Meneguar was living there in tiny cube size rooms. My situation was very similar, just a few blocks down Bushwick ave. shacked up with No Fun Fest curator Carlos Giffone.. a housing connection I had made on Friendster of all places. Anyway.. that's why the name of this set is Jarvis Hall 2. I think I released a Jarvis Hall 1 on CDR at some point but these times are really hard to remember. We're are definitely onto something and according to my guitar playing I was certainly headlong into my Bobby Bussoleil obsession. Hope you dig it.


released May 23, 2014

G. Lucas Crane
Heidi Diehl
Pete Nolan
Steven "the Havester" Tavenniere



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